“Strengthen the hands which hang down, and the enfeebled knees, and make straight paths for your feet, so that what is lame may not be turned away, but rather be healed. Pursue peace with all people, and holiness, without which no one will see the Lord. See to it lest anyone fall away from the grace of God.” – Jesus through the author of Hebrews

Entertainment is a revealer of the soul. It aids in discovering whether a person who names the Name of Jesus is holy or not, that is, it reveals whether a person who professes to be a believer is obedient to Jesus or not. There are two kinds of entertainment that people experience – pure and impure. Although pure entertainment can become sinful because it is excessively indulged in, it is about intrinsically impure entertainment that I speak.

People entertain themselves primarily when they are seeking gratification and are at ease - although in our hedonistic culture ease often gives way to a vigorous and expensive pursuit for happiness. Because entertainment is indulged in chiefly when someone is at leisure, it, like mere non thought-out words, is a very powerful means by which the character is exposed. When someone speaks freely, without carefully considering and weighing his words, the true nature of his heart is revealed. (This is exactly why Jesus declared that one will be judged by every careless word that proceeds from his mouth.) Entertainment exposes the personality in the very same way.

Every kind of impure entertainment must be avoided by everyone who makes a claim to walk in the holiness of the Lord Jesus. The very definition of the word holy means to be pure, to be free from impurity! Tragically, every kind of impure entertainment dealt with on this page is found in the churches. While there are cultural differences in degree between the entertainment of the first century and that of our day, every type of sinful entertainment found in the ancient world is indulged in by our own culture. The utter tragedy of the perverse situation is that every kind of this corrupt entertainment is itself at home in those who profess to be believers.

In the first place, it is corrupt – that is, it is sin – to turn any sin into a means of pleasure and delight. The Word of God consistently and thoroughly condemns all bad and deceitful, abusive, harmful, insulting, ridiculing, belittling, injurious, mocking, divisive, and/or malicious (and things like these) words and actions toward any person! The Word also condemns lying, stealing, and cheating. All of these characteristics are proclaimed as worldly qualities and the practice of them constitutes a person in the sinful Flesh nature before God. To take part in these characteristics is to walk in the works of the flesh according to the Scriptures. They are the antithesis of the fruit of God’s Holy Spirit. Their outcome is eternal death. All of them fall very short of the Grace, Glory, and Love of God. They grieve His Spirit, being the antithesis of His love as revealed in Jesus. Yet, when it comes to entertainment, God’s Word is left behind and these very things are made light of and they are made the means of pleasure. All people are guilty who participate in these things. Nonetheless, it is the fundamental lack of qualified spiritual leadership and teaching that has helped this condition take and retain its long-standing and deceitful hold. There is a large kind of corrupt entertainment that many people, the churched as well as un-churched, fully accept as a legitimate means of leisurely pleasure. After all, they were raised on this type of entertainment. It is especially through early television that this kind of entertainment took root. These shows were laced with both episodes and themes that were thoroughly constituted and bolstered with all of the very characteristics named above! While each individual show did not contain every characteristic named in every episode, they often contained substantial mixes of them. It was the early comedies and dramas through which this sin became enculturated.

Before getting more detailed, we must attest to God’s will through His Word.

In that great letter of Paul which we know as Ephesians, the eternal purpose of God is clearly revealed. In one way, this letter stands unique among Paul’s writings. Through it, the Spirit of Jesus demonstrates the same message of utter unity and love that must exist among God’s people as He did in the Gospel of John. Ephesians begins and continues with wording which is sublime, even majestic. The good message it declares makes known the demands of the high calling of God that is in Jesus Christ. With all of its sublimity, it swiftly and intricately moves into the field of humanity to absolutely conquer what remains of the corruption of sinful flesh and at the same time manifests the clear path that leads to eternal life. It is this last characteristic of that message of holiness which applies to all of those who are true disciples of Jesus that now concerns us.

This writing was in reality a circular letter, meant to be read by all of the assemblies of Asia Minor. Every large city in Asia Minor, with Ephesus leading the way, had its entertainment in full swing by the time that Paul wrote. This entertainment could be found in many places, including private dinner parties. But the main place that entertainment occurred was at the theatre. In fact, private dinner parties had many aspects of entertainment and imitated the theatre in miniature. The theatre was central in the lives of the people of the ancient Roman Empire. The Caesars made provisions for the theatres, among other avenues of pleasure, to appease the constant restlessness of the great hordes of the people of the Empire. In ancient Ephesus, the main road led directly to their renowned theatre. Just like in our day, the people of the ancient world were completely given to theatrical entertainment. This pleasure was as thoroughly enculturated then within them as it is now within us. The types of entertainment found in the theatres throughout the Empire were mainly - and most popularly - the Farce and the Mime. The Farce appeared earlier than the Mime, but both overlapped during the time that the New Covenant Scriptures were written. Also, they shared many of the same characteristics. Farce apparently takes its name from its earliest definition which means "to stuff". The thought is that these plays would be more pleasurable, and thus acceptable, if they were stuffed or spiced up with humor and vulgarity. Farce was based on the Oscan language which was particularly known for its vulgarity, crudeness, insult, and obscenity. It excelled in these base and rotten forms of speech. Every type and kind and degree of obscene language, as well as obscene gesturing, was used in order to get the desired wide-spread effect of comedic and lustful pleasure and acceptance. The Farces were very often singularly crude, insulting, and obscene, especially when they focused on erotic subjects, as they frequently did. Their themes often contained adultery, incest, homosexuality, and violence. The setting for them was the everyday life of society and family life. The stock characters of these plays were the buffoon, the stupid old man, the glutton, the dumb oaf, the sadistic school master who took great delight in regularly beating his pupils, the adulterous house-wife (who usually had the approving and conniving support of her household servant girl), the amorous husband, who was sexually duped by his unfaithful wife, the pregnant unwed girl, the prostitute, and the whoremonger. The characteristic appearing most often in their extant titles was buffoonery. These titles have survived: The Buffoon Soldier, The Buffoon Innkeeper, and The Buffoon Girl. The language used in these plays ranged from simple insult and mockery, meaning to get a laugh at someone’s expense, to outright gross obscenity. People were mocked and ridiculed because of their perceived or real faults (judged so by the arrogant standards of the day) or they were defiantly cursed with the most corrupt, coarse, offensive, sexual and scatological obscenities. The actors of Farce almost always wore masks and female parts were often played by male actors.

The Mime carried the nature of Farce to a greater level of perversity. It derived its named from its own definition, which means to “imitate” or to “mimic”, and was portrayed as a more realistic imitation of the daily life of those times. It fully developed everything found in Farce. The actors no longer wore masks and female parts were played by female actresses who nearly always appeared partially or totally nude by the end of each play in order to fully portray and excite sexual desire. Every kind of sexual act was actually performed on stage. Sometimes outlandish positions during the sex acts were assumed in order to get the greatest thrill from the audience. Often, condemned criminals or disposable slaves were raped on stage in order to achieve maximum affect. When scenes of death sentences were performed, these same classes of people were actually put to death on stage – crucifixion was not even spared as an instrument of death.

Earlier I said that our culture shares the same kinds of entertainment corruption with the ancient Greco-Roman world while not to the same degree. Comparison to Mime brings this out. In the portrayal of sexual acts, our culture does not come behind their day in any sexual perversity, although the grossest acts are reserved for “Porno” film, or as it used to be called, “XXX”. But I’m not writing primarily about this grossest type of entertainment. Rather, I’m writing about the entertainment found on television and especially in our movie theaters and video stores that is participated in by many within the churches. Our culture experiences the exact same kinds of sexually perverse entertainment as the first Christians’ culture did. They portrayed nudity. Ours portrays nudity. (Here the degree of reality portrayed is actually the same – real nude bodies.) They portrayed every type fornication. Ours portrays every type of fornication. For the sake of brevity, I will now simply list the likenesses: adultery, rape, incest, pedophilia, homosexual thirsts and acts, voyeurism, and auto-erotica. Only the degree between the two cultures is different, but even that fades when you judge the situation. Whereas they actually performed the real sex acts on stage, our culture mainly experiences them through simulation. However, this simulation is so real in its portrayal that for all practical purposes you are seeing the reality portrayed. The sophistication of the simulation is so high that you are convinced that the actual sex act is occurring! This fact serves only to heighten the sin participated in! Yet, when it comes to language used, there is no difference in degree. There is no substitution of the simulated for the actual. The words used are exactly the same in kind and degree. The two cultures share these same personally verbal abuses: ridicule, mockery, defamation, insult, comedic exploitation, curses, and every kind of obscenity.

The Word of God condemns all of this! No one who names the Name of Jesus is to participate in ANY of this! These things quench God’s Spirit, affront His Holy Character, and obliterate His Love! If you are a believer, according to God’s Word you will not – you cannot – participate in any way in any of these things.

Before returning to Ephesians, there was a double standard found in the Roman Empire that is also found in our day. It stands squarely condemned by the Scriptures, being the height of hypocrisy. The Romans had in place that it was acceptable for their matrons (their married women of high society) to watch farces and mimes as long as they did not personally imitate any of the low-life characteristics found in them. They could enjoy them – and they abundantly did – as long as they kept themselves free from actually performing any of the sex acts or using any of the abusive language in them. This was because this class of women was expected to show in their persons the most sublime attributes and ideal qualities that Roman womanhood could attain in order to raise up the next generation of noble citizens. They did not care that these things were indulged in passively. They only cared that they were not actualized through the body. They fully had the old dichotomy in place, which separated the deeds done passively in attitude from those done actively through the body – a dichotomy that the Scriptures condemn! With Jesus, sins are committed in the body and in the heart!

In Ephesians, after Paul revealed the supreme truth of the life transformed by the grace and glory of God referred to earlier, he fully implored the believers to live according to the call with which they were called. He declared that believers are no longer to conduct themselves as unbelievers do – in the vanity of their minds because of their dark thoughts. He said that unbelievers lived this way because they were excluded from God’s life because of their ignorance of God and that this ignorance was grounded in the hardness of their hearts. Then he laid out the realities of the deadly situation that result from this hardness of heart. These realities issue into the very things that concern us. He said that this very hardheartedness produced a further callousness of the conscience and that that callousness itself produced giving oneself over to licentiousness for the practice of every kind of impurity with the desire for more. These words show, indeed, the lethal downward spiraling effect of the power of sin to rapidly reproduce itself in greater degrees of sinfulness. As part of the holy remedy of believers who have been delivered from these kinds of sin, he said that they were to allow no unwholesome word to proceed from their mouths, but were to utter only words that were beneficial for building up their fellow believers according to their needs. Very soon after these words, Jesus declared through Paul that the believers were (and are)  therefore to be imitators of God, as beloved children, and to walk in love, just as Christ also loved you, and gave Himself up for us, an offering and a sacrifice to God as a sweet smelling fragrance. Precisely at this point, Paul used words that were specific to the theatres of his day in order to teach the disciples exactly what they were not to do and exactly what they were to do. He used these words – and it is very significant that he did in a letter so otherwise lofty – because the theatre contained the prime examples of the iniquities that were enculturated and that were the antithesis to the very holiness that was (and is) required by God. The opening commandment, to “imitate” God, is the very word that the word mime derives from. The believers were not to imitate the culture, as the mime loved to do, but rather – instead – were to imitate God Himself in Jesus Christ! Then he immediately forbad the complete range of corrupt and abusive words that were found in mime. He said, “But fornications, and all uncleanness or greediness, let it not even be mentioned by you, as is proper for holy ones.” This is a very, very powerful injunction to holiness that is not only constantly disobeyed, but isn’t even truly comprehended. Any and every kind of sexual perversion or greed is not even to be a topic of conversation among the followers of Jesus. This carries forward and completes the holiness revealed in Psalms where David declared that in his love for God, the names of other gods (idols) would not be found on his lips! The sins (that have the nature of idols) forbidden to be mentioned by Paul are sexual perversion and Mammon, though Mammon isn’t given its proper name, but is revealed in the work of the flesh that it is best executed through – greed. But he did not stop there! Paul further declared that other common sins of the tongue must be avoided. He said, “There must be no obscenities and buffoonery, or hurtful wit, which are not fitting, but rather there should be thanksgiving.” The words rendered above are the actual translations of the words used. Translators and commentators often give these words a rather wide range of meaning. Also, the meanings are distorted in their renditions. The words are the exact words that were current in the theatres of that time. “Obscenities” includes every kind of base, rotten, and filthy sexual and scatological curse that the perverted human heart can contrive. “Buffoonery” is a perversion of the image of God in humanity. It is a cheap substitution for the joy of the Spirit that is at home in the true followers of Jesus. Moreover, buffoonery at once quenches one of the major attributes of the Spirit of God, an attribute that is also quintessential to the character of Christianity – the Majesty of God. How far are the churches removed from the marrow of Christianity? Light years away! Personally, in the decades since becoming a disciple of Jesus, I have never heard a proper teaching on the nature of the characteristic of majesty, which must be in every believer. Most people cannot even tell you what it means! Also, most people cannot explain, let alone do not honor, the Majesty of God. Buffoonery is the exact opposite of the majesty of the family of God! “Hurtful wit” translates the word that literally means “the beautiful turn”. It can also be properly translated as “the beautiful repartee” (with beautiful used in an ironic sense). It isn’t as coarse or as vulgar or as rotten as are obscenities. Nor is it as moronic or silly as buffoonery. It is a refined ability. It is that cute, witty, playful, intelligent turn of phrase. But, it is not innocent! For it expresses itself at someone else’s harm, even ever so slight as that harm may be. The point is that it acts contrary to the love of Jesus. It gets its laughs at another person’s failings (real or supposed) and those failings range from the way a person looks to the way that he speaks or acts. All of these characteristics occurred with great frequency every day in the plays of the theatres that were found throughout the Roman Empire. Before I return to the sins of our day that I mentioned at the beginning, these words of Paul declare that speech that contains obscenities, buffoonery, or even the easy, yet belittling, put-down must be avoided by those who are commanded to imitate God. Jesus did not use obscenities, play the silly man, or sinfully ridicule anyone! He sought no laughs by making sport of others. Rather, He walked in pure and holy love and in this very walk became the sweet smelling sacrifice of love before God. We are commanded to render the exact same imitation in Him. Now, the words dork or geek or things like these should never be used about others by people who profess to be the holy children of God. (I realize that the word geek is going through a current transition to describe someone proficient in computer technology, especially. I am referring to its original meaning that is still in use, too.) This turn of wit to get a laugh at the way someone combs his hair or wears his clothes or even the color schemes of his clothes annihilates the love of God. These kinds of people – the exploited, the rejected, the ridiculed – are the very people that God has set His heart upon primarily! These are the very kinds of people that Jesus died for in order to save! Well-turned, ridiculing phrases about people who are not the respectable of society are flatly condemned by God! How can one have God’s love in his heart who walks God’s love underfoot? How is it that these things are so easily acceptable among church people? As stated earlier, it began with the enculturation process through early television and movies. The shows that I will list are simply samples. They by no means exhaust the catalog of comedies and dramas that are substantially built upon sin. Take first, for example, “The Three Stooges”. What do you constantly see when you watch this comedy? Laugh after laugh established – and fundamentally established – upon insult, mockery, and violence. (Of course, the double standard that applies to many of the churched who watch this show stands to condemn their very indulgence. For, if someone came to their house and continued to do the things to them or their children that Curly, Larry, and Moe continually do to each other, they would very quickly end their relationship with that person.) Insult, mockery, and violence are the staples of each show. This does not take into account other sinful characteristics that the Scriptures stand against, which are laced throughout these shows. For another, consider “I Love Lucy”. Constantly, deception, buffoonery, insult, greed, selfishness, materialism, and things like these run through each episode. This subject matter makes up the warp and woof of this comedy. The object of the show is to make people feel happy and, of course, to give them an opportunity for enjoyment so that they will return for more. The facts are that the little wholesome material that is found in this last mentioned comedy is superseded by the comedic affect that is only produced by the portrayals of the sins already named. Christianity stands squarely against these sins. These very sins were portrayed through farce and mime in the days of the first Christians. Paul came against them. The assemblies avoided them. The tragedy is that church people today deeply imbibe these same sins in the name of fun and relaxation! I’ll give one more example. This time, the example is a genre itself. Consider the dramas known as westerns. Often, pride attended by violence supports the subject matter of these shows. Although pride and violence are not specifically condemned at this place in Ephesians, they are elsewhere in the Scriptures. The violence is commonly fist fighting. Gunfights and at-large armed remedy also are well established. This violence is held forth as good. There is no shame in the dispositional or physical combativeness depicted in these shows. In fact, there is pride in them. These listed shows are considered wholesome family entertainment by our culture. Not only is this so, they are also considered to be such by the churches of our culture. Our children and their parents drink in this kind of entertainment regularly without so much as an afterthought of conviction while the Word of God takes its stand against all such sins as these shows depict.

In dealing with the sins of early TV and its counterpart, early movies, I have been dealing with the everyday, commonly accepted entertainment sins of the culture. These sinful characteristics were able to be established in television shows wherein the very words “God”, “Jesus”, and “sex”, “whore”, “queer”, and things like these could not be mentioned due to an industry imposed “moral” standard. In that day, you never saw a married couple even fully clothed in the same bed. Beds were always separated and clothes were always worn. The sins of early television come under the categories of “greed”, “buffoonery”, and “hurtful wit”. The most offensive categories of “obscenities” and “every kind of sexual uncleanness” were never broached in those days. But they are, with certain exceptions, in the television of our day. And they are especially in the theaters and video stores of our days!

Now I come to the worst part of this expose. For all that has been said, a substantial number of church members have not been satisfied to stop in the “least offensive” sins, but have moved into the greater sin, into the deepest iniquity regarding entertainment. For finding pleasure with all kinds of obscenities and different kinds of sexual perversity has not even been spared. In the headlong pursuit for entertainment, movies that often have restricted ratings for “language, violence, nudity, and sexual content” are the means of pleasure. Quite often, the statement is made that these movies portray reality and that is why they are enjoyed by those who make the claim. This statement is both at once accurate and self-condemning! It really is an amazing statement. The facts are true. The dramatic elements of the films are often realistic. But, the sins portrayed are also very real. As indicated above, with the exception of simulated sex acts in lieu of the actual, the nudity and the broad range of obscenities are, indeed, actual nudity and actual obscenities. The insult, mockery, and verbal abuses are also real. No one would put a loaded gun to his head and pull the trigger in order to demonstrate a real gunshot victim who was killed this way. Yet, in the name of entertainment, real sins are indulged in which give the true and full effect. The catalog of movies containing this experienced high level of corruption is endless. I will give a few, with some of their “reasons” for attending. A while back, Saving Private Ryan was released. Certain US officials highly recommended seeing this film for an appreciation of history and to encourage patriotism. With the realistic valor and ideals that it portrayed, the movie was loaded with the very sins that Ephesians forbids. According to a well-known movie reporting web site, the movie lasted 170 minutes. It contained 20 “f” words, 10 uses of “fubar” (which is an acronym used in the military that begins with the “f” word) 12 “s” words, 3 gutter terms about male genitals, 2 uses of “a”-hole. These are uses of the very sexual and scatological words that Paul condemns. Just counting these words, this movie served up one of these grossly offending, corrupt words about every three and one-half minutes. This does not take into account the 10 personal curses, 8 street uses for buttocks, and the 17 uses of the Name of God. You can be assured that most of them were not a sincere calling upon the Name of the Lord. So, if you take the report as is and add all of the listed words together and average them, those who attended this movie sat under the direct verbal violation of God’s Word about every two minutes. Add to this tragedy the fact that a number of people did not get enough from the first attendance and returned to the theaters to see the movie again. Furthermore, many people purchased the movie for home and family viewing. Only God knows how many times the same people have consumed the realistic filth and abuse served up through this film! Of course, multiple viewing of these kinds of movies is not the exception, it is the rule. For another, consider the movie Black Hawk Down. This was another “realistic” movie that people “had to see”. After all, it was based on a true story. It lasted 144 minutes. It contained 32 “f” words, one prefixed with “mother” and 18 “s” words. This averages one of these obscenities just under every three minutes. Again, this does not take into account the multiple profanations of the Name of God. I will talk about two more highly offensive movies of late before returning to the Word of God again. The movie Broke Back Mountain contained every level of filth. It portrayed real homosexual passionate kissing and powerfully explicit simulated homosexual sex. It also contained obscenities and scenes of nudity. Borat was another movie that contained every kind and level of obscenity, insult, and sexual perversion. This movie was highly acclaimed by the media and was the “must see” delight of America for a while. The level, intensity, and frequency of utter corruption and perversion that was reported about these two movies are overwhelming. Although these last two movies are samples of the high level of sin transacted with, many other movies that are of the status quo level of viewing – movies that are commonly attended – lag not far behind in iniquity.

While we have just observed the frequency of corrupt and perverted speech and the level of perverted sex that is contained in the everyday movies of our time, the Scripture condemns any and all use of words that relate to every kind of sexual perversion and greed. The same Word also condemns any and all obscenities, buffoonery, insult, defamation, mockery, and ridicule in every degree. After forbidding all these as occurrences among God’s people, Paul said, “For this you know with certainty, that every sexually perverse person or greedy person, who is an idolater, does not have an inheritance in the Kingdom of Christ and of God. Let no man deceive you with empty words; because of these things the wrath of God comes upon the sons of disobedience. Therefore, do not be joint-partakers with them! For you were formerly darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Walk as children of light -- for the fruit of the light is an all goodness and righteousness and truth -- proving what is well pleasing to the Lord. And do not participate in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead even expose them. For it is shameful even to speak of the things which are done by them in secret.” This condemnation is thoroughgoing and absolute. Through Paul, Jesus said that you positively know, you assuredly know, it is a foregone conclusion that no one who is sexually perverse or is greedy will enter the kingdom of God. He said to not be led astray about these things with other groundless statements. Those who practice these things are the children of disobedience and are therefore under the fierce anger of God! He then said that because of all of this the children of God are not to share in or experience these sins together with the children of darkness. Instead, they are to expose them in the Light of God. They are to reprove them, they are to confute them! But this is far from the case with many in the churches. Instead, they tolerate them, they accept them, and they find pleasure in league with them, if not directly in them! Instead of fulfilling the holy commandment to love that which is good and hate that which is evil, they love that which is evil while neglecting and disobeying that which is good. Clearly, they are not moved by the maxim that one cannot tolerate and pleasurably accept the thing that God commands to hate! Indeed, the Word declares that it is degrading, that it is disgraceful, that it produces shame even to mention the sexually perverse things that are done by people in private. Now, this fact about shameful speech is not restricted to mentioning fornication, but is the part put for the whole. This is established because Paul had previously and explicitly declared that the whole range of sins dealt with were not even to be verbalized. The secrecy of sins that are normally committed privately underscores that sexual sins are shameful sins of darkness. But all the sins enumerated, even the seemingly less offensive ones, share in the same guilt of shame. Again, this is made clear because they are grouped or classed together with the more offensive sins of degradation. Just like heart-lust was grouped with physical extra-marital and marital adultery by Jesus through Matthew and shared so much in their guilt that He said that one must rip out the offending lustful eye in order to enter heaven, obscenities, buffoonery, and hurtful wit share in the same guilt of all sexual perversion and covetousness and squarely places those who do such things under the condemnation of God! For they all are of the unfruitful works of darkness! Believers can have no partnership of any kind with them! We cannot participate in those deeds of darkness in any degree! This is the meaning of the command not to be joint-partakers with them! It includes all participation, whether it is active or passive. Why, then, do people who profess to be believers transact in all of these sins? Why do they leave the commandments of God in the lurch and give their ears to corrupt and perverse words and their eyes to corrupt and perverse deeds? Why do they disobey God’s Word and take leisure in these forbidden unfruitful works of darkness? A good tree cannot bear bad fruit and a bad tree cannot bear good fruit. A tree is known by its fruit. These words are the emphatic and absolute words of Jesus.

All people who co-participate through active or passive pleasure in these deeds of darkness that are warned against are in fellowship with them and truly share in the impure and ungodly nature of them. They are committing unfruitful works of darkness – deeds worthy only of eternal judgment. They have forsaken the way of grace and holiness by accepting rather than rejecting these iniquities and have, therefore, placed themselves under the wrath of God! Do not be deceived in any way!

Before concluding, one related thing needs to said. As stated earlier, although violence is not addressed in these commandments through the apostle Paul in Ephesians, it is an entertainment sin that is often indulged in along with these other ones that are addressed. The amount of gratuitous violence that is portrayed by today’s movies and even television is patently perverse. Blood letting in the form of graphic depictions of wounds, mutilations, and things like these harkens to the gladiatorial arenas of Paul’s day. Fleshly violence is condemned by God in His Word. It also is an entertainment sin that must be reproved. Whether there is substantial blood staining or simply repeatedly violent acts, this particular sin must also be hated! A believer cannot hate what he enjoys or even tolerates. 

In conclusion, the Word of exhortation here in Ephesians declares that all believers are to imitate God Himself in the purity of the person of Jesus Christ. It reveals that the people who disobey His commandments are most assuredly children of darkness and abide under the wrath of God. They participate in the shameful sins of sexual perversity, greed, corrupt and filthy speech, buffoonish speech, and the speech that belittles others. All of these things are contrary to the love of Jesus and are of the world. They are the exact opposite of the sacrificial fragrant aroma that arises to God from a life of pure thoughts, words, and actions in Jesus Christ. Therefore, the holy children of God cannot share in these degrading sins. Instead, they reject them through exposing them for what they are. If you are a Christian, you will not continue to participate in any way – in life or in leisure – in any of these condemning sins.  

“Strengthen the hands which hang down, and the enfeebled knees, and make straight paths for your feet, so that what is lame may not be turned away, but rather be healed. Pursue peace with all people, and purity, without which no one will see the Lord. See to it lest anyone fall away from the grace of God.” – Jesus through the author of Hebrews

The tree is known by the fruit that it bears.

Entertainment is a revealer of the soul.